The beginning of a long story ...

The beginning of a long story ...

My first V(I)C20 - passed away long, long ago ...

I was probably still a young boy, maybe eleven or twelve years old, when I was impressed by the computers, games and accessories in the shop window of SHOP64 in my hometown. Staring at all these fancy things for a long time, I knew what I wanted so much. But as always in live, I had to negotiate obstacles: the lack of money and my parents.
But finally, I got my Commodore VC20 (<- sic, that's how we call it in germany). Many years later, after hours and hours of programming ML and experimenting with the electronics inside, some sort of magic smoke arise suddenly, and this was the final scene of my first Commodore.
Afterwards I had another VC20, this time I promised myself to be more careful. And this piece survived till know, buried and forgotten for a long time, hidden in a storage box waiting to see the light again.


After some care and soap the VC20 looks still very good and is working like a charm. And how old is it? Glad you asked, it's a newer CR-Model with the SER NO WGA 135xxx


... and I'm pretty sure You know how that story goes ;-)