Commodore Spirit 2022

Commodore Spirit 2022
commodore spirit 2022

Back in Fall 2021 we met in a small village near Dortmund to have our anually retro event called "DoReCo"! Which means "Dortmund Retro Computer Treff" in german - a place, where you can have a full featured 4 day retro computer convention in a conveniant and pleasant environment. Some guys introduced a little PCB called WiC64 to bring a old fashioned Commodore C64 into todays internet. Cool !

One year later - now in 2022 - I showed up with my adaption of WiC20 , which is a VIC20 port of this now famous WiC64 . This little rascal let's you do magical things like:


Yep, you can load all of your favourite programs right from the internet. Which is cool anyway, but wait ... I wanted to have a one-of-a-kind VIC20, something realy special. So I came up with this idea:

OK, you might say this is an C64 C, and in a particular way you might be right, but ...

Looking at the colours of the case and of the F-keys you must admit that this is no regular C64! And what does the labels say?

Commodore Spirit? Never heard about it? Never ever? Look here, and you're a bit closer to the story behind this VIC20.

Sure, it is a VIC20! My adaption of a C64C case to hold a VIC20-CR board on its inside. I had to do some cuttings here a there, but I think it came out nicely:

OK, on its side it is telling the truth about the origin of this case:

But when people walked by, they had to look closer what's going on here:

And yes it's true:

This is a VIC20 as a Commodore Spirit with the famous WiC20 module on its back to load all the programs in no time !!!